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Precisely what is nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN)?
What's NMN? nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), a precursor for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) (a vital player in many cell processes and maintaining our body’s establishment), is now being investigated in a number of clinical trials and other research to judge its use just as one active ingredient that might help combat various aging-related changes.

In 2018, together with the discharge of the 11th edition worldwide Health Organization (WHO)’s ICD codes (International Classification of Diseases), age-related diseases were included as being a disease state.
Classifying aging as a disease opened the threshold to research on various topics related to boosting NAD+ in mammalian cells along with the possible benefits of reducing aging. NAD+ plays an integral role in numerous activities within the body that, with aging, decline. Research shows that NAD+ levels drop almost 50% once we reach middle age.
NMN benefits
Taken by mouth, NMN is proposed being quickly absorbed and become NAD+. Preliminary studies in mice and other lab animals, with a couple of recently conducted or still ongoing clinical tests, advise that enhanced amounts of NAD+ may suppress age-related inflammation in numerous tissues, support thinking processes, production and action of insulin, plus much more. Additionally, possible great things about NMN can include:
Support of cognitive function
Within a study by Shen et al., researchers demonstrated improved cognitive function and decreased depression-like behaviors in mice that have been administered NMN.
Additional encouraging research suggests that NMN administration may provide several neuroprotective effects. However, further research is necessary to decide if these effects can even be observed in humans.
Potential role in aging of the skin
NMN skin benefits are being investigated, though research is still within their infancy.
Within a 2021 study by Zhou et al., researchers evaluated NMN use in mice. They found improvement in sun-damaged aging-related skin changes. This will likely initiate further development and research of novel therapeutic methods, even preventing ultraviolet sun ray-related scarring damage.
In the 2022 study by Brito et al., investigators evaluated and demonstrated NMN’s role in decreasing melanin (pigment). The study’s findings suggest therapeutic potential which can benefit those that have age-related hyperpigmentation signs including liver spots in the future.
Potential fertility support
Taking NMN may provide improvements in fertility in males and females.
As women age, the high quality and number of their oocytes decline. Studies in mice have shown that NMN administration resulted in increased ovulation, improved oocyte maturation, and the capability to achieve fertilization.
As men age, sperm production decreases. Early mouse studies declare that this loss of sperm production occurs secondary on the depleting degrees of NAD+ that provide aging. This can be sustained by administering NMN which might improve sperm counts as men age.
Heart health benefits
Keeping NAD+ levels in the body, even when aging, we may be able to support heart health insurance and potentially prevent some cardiovascular diseases.
Amounts of NAD+ in the cardiovascular decrease with increasing age. Usage of the NAD+ precursor, NMN, may help support healthy aging of arteries and can even reduce circulatory stiffness. Heart protective benefits can include better blood pressure level control, fewer arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms), and in many cases improvements in overall heart function.
Metabolic health support
Decreased NAD+ levels are already identified in animals and humans with obesity, and the ones with diabetes mellitus. Several studies, together with a mouse model by Uddin et al., declare that NMN administration not simply increases NAD+ levels but will also improve glucose clearance associated with high-fat diets bringing about obesity, diabetes, and aging. NMN may aid in diabetes regulation and obesity management down the road.
Improve sleep
NMN may join melatonin and other supplements to further improve sleep and sleep quality, minimizing insomnia and also other insomnia issues.
Inside a study by Shen et al., researchers discovered that NMN may play a role in maintaining one’s circadian rhythm.
Other animal studies also reported that providing additional NMN was consideration to increase the aim of the GABAergic system in the body - a vital player in mood disorders, neurological disease, sleep regulation, as well as other components of health. Via modifications for this system along with other pathways, findings suggest the opportunity usage of NMN administration may play a supportive role in sleep regulation.
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